The Rules

You have come to us because you have a problem. You have heard that we are the best. That is why you are here. We are committed to giving every client service of the highest quality. As a result, we do not take in every case. We accept only those cases and clients that allow us to do just that.

If we take your case, we will commit to you all of our energy and experience and resources. We will fight for you. Your problem will become ours until we have resolved it so completely that not a trace is left. We will be honest with you, sometimes brutally honest. We will tell you when we believe you are right, and we will tell you when we believe you are wrong. We can give you the best possible representation but only if you follow these rules. If you choose not to follow these rules, you are giving us permission to withdraw from your case.

House Rules

Case Rules

Contact us if you have a problem. If we are unable to assist you, at the very least we can put you in touch with an attorney who is qualified and who you can trust.