White Collar Crime Attorney

Jay Milano has long been recognized among the best white collar crime lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jay Milano has been named by his peers as among the best white collar crime, fraud, and public corruption lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio and around the country. You will find him recognized in the most reputable peer reviewed services: SuperLawyers, Best Lawyers in America, and Martindale Hubbell.

“Hello, I am Mr. Smith of the FBI. We would like to talk to you.”

There are no more chilling words. It does happen. If it does, your response should always be:

“I’ll be glad to talk to you, but first I want to talk to my lawyer.”

Then not another word.

And if it has gone farther than that – if you have already talked or have been charged – your response should be the same: Contact us now.

In Ohio, white collar crime cases (including fraud and public corruption cases) can be handled in either state or federal court. The investigations into these cases are lengthy, and the consequences of a conviction often severe. Aside from the legal consequences, a conviction of this nature can destroy your reputation and livelihood – we understand that integrity is everything.

Whether you are being investigated or have already been charged, it is crucial that you find an experienced attorney you can trust. Corporate crime, financial fraud, and other related offenses, like federal conspiracy and/or racketeering, are serious – far too serious to handle by yourself.

Milano Attorneys is considered among the best white collar crime lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding counties. We defend individuals against allegations of white collar crime, fraud, and public corruption in both state and federal courts. If you need help, contact us. We will work for you and relentlessly defend you until your problem is solved.

Celebrating 150 years since its founding, the 5,000-member Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association named 18 Living Legacy Lawyers. "Lawyers whose extraordinary leadership, innovation and professional excellence have truly transformed the legal, business and/or civic arena in Greater Cleveland over the course of their careers." Jay Milano is one of them.