Victims of Violence

Jay Milano has long been recognized among the best domestic violence lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio.

The hardest role of those involved in the criminal justice system is that of the victim. Milano Attorneys represent victims of violence – we will defend your position and act on your behalf to ensure your interests are considered and protected.

Physical, emotional, and psychological abuse are unfortunately prevalent in today’s society. When instances of violence lead to criminal charges against your abuser, the justice system has tools to help you. But these tools, while beneficial, may fall short of allowing you to be involved in the case to a level you are comfortable with, and to the level you deserve.

Criminal cases – especially those involving victims of violence – have many moving parts. There is a prosecutor, the person responsible for pursuing the case against the individual charged. There is a judge who is responsible for overseeing all parts of the case. There is often a victim’s advocate – their job is to provide you with emotional support and information about resources available to you. And you, as the victim, have a right to be a part of the case as well.

While victims of violence do not need a lawyer to be involved, it is often beneficial. Having an attorney involved on your behalf can strengthen the channel of communication between you and the prosecutor. This can help to ensure that your interests are properly asserted and taken into consideration during the case and when negotiating potential outcomes.

If you are a victim of violence – whether physical, emotional, or psychological – we can help you. Milano Attorneys is considered among the best in Cleveland, Ohio and surrounding counties. We take our relationship with our clients seriously and personally. We will stand by you, fight for you, and relentlessly defend you until the problem is solved.

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