About Milano Law Firm

Milano Attorneys & Counselors at Law is a trial firm, civil and criminal. We are criminal defense, malpractice, personal injury, domestic relations, and professional representation lawyers in Cleveland, throughout Ohio, and around the Country.

Who are Milano Attorneys & Counselors at Law?

The name Milano has always been identified as fearless and aggressive lawyers. Founded by Jerry Milano more than 50 years ago and continued by Jay Milano for the last 30 years, Milano Attorneys has always been numbered among the best trial firms in Cleveland, Ohio and throughout the country. We measure our experience not in years, but in generations.

Meet Our Team

Our Focus Is You

Since expanding to the areas of medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, accident personal injury and wrongful death, Attorney Jay Milano has tried and settled numerous cases with recovery in excess of $1,000,000. The firm has taken on the most powerful institutions in the world, insurance companies, hospitals, billionaire sport team owners, and even the Catholic Church in its abuse of children. Because of our experience, you will not be intimidated by anyone.

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We are a small firm who take on a limited number of cases. As a result, you will receive individual and personal attention. Neither you nor your case needs to support a budget for endless TV adds filled with slogans and promises. You need lawyers who you get to know and who will pay attention to you, and your problem, and your case.

Milano Attorneys & Counselors at Law is a Trial Firm, Civil and Criminal. We are Criminal Defense, Malpractice, Personal Injury, Business Litigation and Professional Representation Lawyers in Cleveland, throughout Ohio and around the Country.

Our Team Is Exemplar

The evolution of our firm is our best recommendation. We are proud of our criminal defense roots. We have taken the personal urgency of criminal cases and applied that level of commitment to our civil cases. We have taken our expertise in applying science to law in a way that a jury can understand and brought it to our malpractice and injury cases. We have taken the personal commitment learned while defending the lives of our clients and applied it to all cases we undertake, big or small. We have taken the resolve learned in defending death penalty cases and used it to shield our clients from intimidation.

We will put the problem behind you.

Because of our Rocky River, Ohio location, we also regularly handle Domestic Violence and DUI cases.

Jerry Milano founded our firm. He was known throughout his career as Cleveland’s best and most flamboyant criminal defense lawyer. His clients included the elite in the sports world, the business world, and the underworld. They knew, one and all, that he would fight to the death for them. He retired in 1999 and passed away in 2005. Jay Milano has built upon the foundation his father laid and now, Milano Attorneys & Counselors at Law carries on the tradition.

“Professional, knowledgeable, understanding. My first time interacting with any law firm was with Mr. Milano and his staff. I had a great experience with them and would highly recommend them. They are always up front with you and will do the very best with every case.” – Tylor, July 2018

If you have a problem, call us at (440) 356-2828. If we are unable to assist you, at the very least we can put you in touch with an attorney who is qualified and who you can trust.