Appeals and Ohio’s Post-Conviction Process

If you have been convicted and sentenced for a crime, you have the right to what is called a “direct appeal.” This process allows you to argue – for various possible reasons – why you should not have been convicted or should not have received the sentence imposed by the trial court. Direct appeals are complex – far too complex to handle by yourself. And despite the complexities of the process, you only have thirty days from the date of the trial court’s judgment to file.

Post-Conviction Review Process

If you fail to file a direct appeal of your conviction and/or sentence, you lose the opportunity to have the appellate court review the trial court’s judgment – and you lose the chance to have the Ohio Supreme Court review the appellate court’s judgment, as well as many possibilities for further, post-conviction review. This process is important.

Post-Conviction Relief Process

Ohio law also provides for a post-conviction relief process that allows you to introduce evidence outside of what was presented during your trial – unlike you are able to do in your direct appeal. This process is equally complicated and subject to strict procedural rules and deadlines. It is imperative you are represented by a criminal defense attorney who is knowledgeable in this area of law.

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