False Allegations of Sex Abuse

Jay Milano has long been recognized among the best sexual abuse, sex crimes, and sex offense lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio.

If you are faced with rape allegations or false sexual assault allegations – whether against an adult or a child – contact Cleveland, Ohio lawyer Jay Milano has been recognized as among the best defense lawyers in the country. Note: it seems odd to preface this section with a call to action.

Nowhere in criminal justice are you more likely to find an innocent man. False allegations of child sex abuse and allegations of child neglect are far too frequent – and these accusations are serious. It is important you find a qualified criminal defense attorney to defend you as soon as an allegation is made. If you are being investigated, do not wait until you are formally facing sex crime charges to seek our help. The moment you become the victim of a false allegation of abuse, contact us.

Defending against a false allegation of abuse or assault requires particular strategy and skill. Jay Milano has represented people charged with sex crimes throughout the country for 25 years. A lawyer must be deeply experienced to even consider handling one of these cases. We are among the best and have the necessary experience and skill to defend you.

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