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Celebrating 150 years since its founding, the 5,000-member Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association named 18 Living Legacy Lawyers. "Lawyers whose extraordinary leadership, innovation and professional excellence have truly transformed the legal, business and/or civic arena in Greater Cleveland over the course of their careers." Jay Milano is one of them.

Jay Milano has long been recognized among the best criminal defense and professional representation lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Jay Milano first spoke in court during a murder trial and has practiced at that level of intensity for 35 years. Initially concentrating on criminal defense, his clients have included Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus, Hell’s Angels, sports figures, doctors, judges, and lawyers, as well as an uncountable number of people who just needed help.

He has tried not guilty verdict cases involving the death penalty, multiple murders, the death of an infant (wrongly believed to have been assaulted), and the death of a toddler (wrongly believed to be the victim of Shaken Baby).

He is nationally known as a defender of those falsely accused of sexual assault on children, having successfully defended the comedian Roseanne’s father when she accused him of abuse. He led the team that freed Jenny Wilcox, who had been incarcerated for 11 years for sex crimes she did not commit. He regularly represents professionals accused of crimes, executives, doctors, and lawyers. Mr. Milano led the exposure of corruption within the Catholic Church and the profound harm it caused the victims of abuse.

His practice is not limited to criminal cases.

As a 20-year Professor of trial tactics at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Law, Mr. Milano knows and teaches that trial concepts are the same, whether criminal or civil.

As a result, he regularly tries malpractice, personal injury, defamation, and complex business cases. He has won for clients numerous judgments exceeding $1,000,000.00.

Mr. Milano has also consulted, and has been qualified, as an expert in the ethics and professional standards of lawyers. He often represents professionals, doctors, lawyers, and judges on issues of professional conduct.

“The Dean” Of Ohio’s Criminal Defense Bar

Jay Milano has been call “The Dean” of Ohio criminal defense lawyers. Not only out of the respect the criminal defense bar showed in naming him the first president of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, but also because of his work as a teacher.

Mr. Milano is currently on the Faculty at the Case Western Reserve University College of Law (where he teaches Trial Tactics), and The Ohio State University (where he teaches Media Law and Ethics to journalism students).

Mr. Milano presents approximately four to six times per year on issues related to both civil and criminal trials. He has appeared for the Ohio State Bar Association, the Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers, the Cleveland Bar Association, the Cuyahoga County Bar Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Positions Held

  • Past President Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association
  • Founding President, Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Past President, Cuyahoga Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Past Chair Certified Greivance Committee
  • Chairman, OACDL Ethics committee
  • Past Council of Delegates, Ohio State Bar Association
  • Past Chair, Criminal Law Committee: Cleveland Bar Association, Cuyahoga County Bar Association
  • Member, Mensa


Media Consultations

Mr. Milano has acted as an on air legal consultant for both NBC and CBS, as well as WTAM Radio. He has been featured, as have two of his cases, on “60 Minutes.” He has appeared on NBC Nightly News, CNN and NPR.

Portraits of Jay Milano

"No reasonable person doesn't like and fear Jay." - A.A.Z.

Jay Milano
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"Milano Law were incredibly helpful to me during several difficult times in my life. I have at all junctures appreciated the tenacity and the support that they provided; Jay has incredible legal acumen and was absolutely great at explaining things to me in a way that made sense. I cannot recommend their services enough; you will get a supportive, helpful legal team that won't sugar coat things but will fight for you at every step of the way. - Jason, February 2020

"Milano Law Attorney helped my girlfriend and myself through a very difficult time. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing legal help or advise. They are the best." — Adam, July 2019

"Professional, knowledgeable, understanding. My first time interacting with any law firm was with Mr. Milano and his staff. I had a great experience with them and would highly recommend them. They are always up front with you and will do the very best with every case." — Tylor, January 2019

“Jay Milano is a wonderful attorney. His entire staff is extremely kind and efficient. Jay handled my case with professionalism and sincerity. Thanks to Jay, the entire experience was most pleasant.” — Tammy, January 6, 2016

“Couldn't be happier with Jay's representation of me in my criminal matter.”Anonymous, January 6, 2016

“Let me start by saying that this is a real review. I never write reviews but I'm compelled to help anyone who may be suffering as I did. I found Jay after doing a lot of research and calling many lawyers. The lesser, civil parts of my case are still ongoing so the effects of what I've been through are still very present. I was the victim of a false allegation (a terrible false allegation). My civil lawyer tried several times to get the charges dismissed but said there was nothing he could do. After much more research I found that my charges were nothing to take lightly and they often result in wrongful prosecution. I was scared to say the least. I've never experienced so much stress in my life. Jay did everything that my other lawyer was unwilling and unable to do. Needless to say, I'm writing this because he was able to get the charges dropped and quickly. He was willing to do unconventional things. He treated me like a human and never lied to me (he expects the same from his clients by the way). I'll be forever thankful to Jay for helping me through the hardest thing I've ever experienced. I figure the least I could do is write this review.”

“Some may be wondering about cost. Jay was not the cheapest and he wasn't the most expensive. We had a flat fee arrangement and he charged nothing extra. It was worth every penny for his experience and hard work. I recommend that anyone who needs real help to research Jay's experience, credentials and case history.”

“In closing, I just want to add one thing. Jay was the first lawyer I've ever dealt with that made me feel like he truly cared about my situation. Granted, he may be a terrific actor but if so, he had me fooled. Most lawyers say they care but once they have your retainer they rarely return your calls. Although I haven't spoke with him since the charges were dropped, I consider him a friend. I wish him much luck and prosperity in his life. The legal/justice system could use more like him.” — Chris, March 6, 2015

“I hired Jay Milano because he came highly recommended by some friends. He exceeded my expectations in his knowledge of the law and his ability to help me in my situation. He was always accessible for questions and the cost for his services was very predictable throughout the process. I feel that I received the best possible outcome through his services and would definitely use him again.” — Anonymous, March 5, 2015

“Jay Milano was the best thing that happened to me in the suburbs of Cleveland. I only wish I had found him sooner so this headache of a situation would have been resolved in a more timely fashion. All I can say is Mr. Milano was worth every cent. He went to bat for me and drastically reduced the charges just based on the same evidence that was given to the public defender. I would recommend Jay Milano to any person looking for a reliable and well natured person in general. Thank you very much for your help Mr. Milano!” — Daniel, September 28, 2011

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