Divorce and Dissolution


If you or your spouse has decided to end your marriage, you have options. But whether you decide to legally separate or terminate your marriage by way of a divorce or dissolution, it is important to have an attorney by your side to explain the legal and financial implications of each option.

Maybe you and your spouse have decided to remain married but separate for a period of time. We can help you understand your rights, defend your interests, and will protect you.

If you and your spouse have decided to part ways but wish to do so without major disagreement as to child custody, support, and property division, dissolution may be the best option. Dissolutions are often more cost-effective than divorce proceedings. Many couples who pursue a dissolution of marriage only need to appear in a courtroom once, after a formal agreement as to all aspects of separation has been reached and put into writing. But even despite the lack of major disagreement, dissolutions are still complicated to handle alone. We can help you amicably end your marriage while still protecting your rights and best interests.

Where legitimate disputes regarding parental rights and property division exist, you may need the court to intervene. Divorce proceedings are complicated. Your time with your children, interests in joint property, and financial stability are all at stake. We will fight for you, defend you, and get you through the process.

Milano Attorneys is considered among the best in Cleveland, Ohio and the nation. We can assess your situation and explain your options. We will develop a plan and work through it together.

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