Child Custody and Visitation

Issues related to the custody of your children are some of the most sensitive and emotional. Milano Attorneys are considered among the best in Cleveland, Ohio and the nation. We are passionate about helping you protect your time and relationship with your children.

If you are going through a divorce with children, establishing your custody rights and responsibilities is the most important aspect. The court will determine how to allocate parental rights and responsibilities based on your children’s best interests – but this can be complicated. We will defend you and your children to ensure your time with them – and role in their lives – is protected.

For unmarried parents, issues involving child custody are complex. In Ohio, when a child is born outside of a marriage, the child’s mother is automatically vested with sole legal custody. Even so, there are important steps unmarried mothers must take to protect their children’s interests – such as establishing paternity so your child has a right to child support from his or her father.

For unmarried fathers, it is crucial to have an attorney you trust protect your interests from the moment your child is born. In Ohio, unmarried fathers have no legal right to custody or visitation until paternity is established and an action is filed in court. This is a complicated process and time is often of the essence.

We understand that no relationship is more important than the relationship you have with your children. We will fight for you and for them. Call us.

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