Judicial Release

If you or a loved one has been convicted and sentenced to a term of imprisonment, you may be eligible for judicial release – release from prison before the expiration of your sentence. To be eligible, the individual must be serving at least one non-mandatory prison term – that is, a prison term imposed by the sentencing judge but not mandatory under Ohio law.

There are additional eligibility requirements, and they are sometimes difficult to navigate. Further, Ohio updated its judicial release statute in September of 2016, and these recent changes may very well affect your eligibility. For instance, prior to September of 2016, credit for time spent in jail while awaiting trial did not count toward the required non-mandatory prison term calculation, but now it does. This means individuals are often eligible for judicial release sooner than they would have been under the old law.

If you are facing a non-mandatory prison term of less than two years, you may be eligible to request judicial release as early as thirty days into your sentence. Even individuals sentenced to more than ten years in prison may be eligible for early release if certain requirements are met. Because this process is often complex, it is crucial to be represented by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney you can trust.

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