Small Business and Personal Representation

Good lawyering means more than skillful maneuvering in a courtroom. In fact, in the business world it often means helping to avoid business disputes altogether. That is where our job starts, protecting our business clients from potential suits and helping to put out potential fires before they even start.

There are instances, however, where legal roadblocks cannot be avoided and our team-oriented approach is specifically designed to protect the legal interests and reputation of your company. Whether your company is a start-up serving only a few customers or a large corporation, we will go through every detail and explore every option to get the right outcome for your business.

Our approach focuses on our clients and their specific issues. By constantly keeping in touch with our clients we can utilize a team oriented method to explore negotiation, mediation or arbitration possibilities and to create the best trial strategy if the issue cannot be resolved.

We employ a common sense approach to fashion a resolution that meets the needs of all parties and protects the interests of our clients. Whatever the matter, from civil cases to issues with local cities or other municipalities, we offer a full service approach for our clients to create strong long-term relationships and to foster long-term business success.