Resolute. Fearless. Defenders.

Milano Attorneys & Counselors at Law is peer-reviewed and considered to be one of the best criminal defense, white collar crime, medical malpractice and personal injury law firms in Cleveland, Ohio.

We will defend you.

Against the government. Against the powerful.
Against anyone who has injured you or treated you unfairly.

We Are Your Lawyers

We take the relationship with our clients seriously, and personally.
For that reason, we accept a limited number of cases.

If you wish to engage us...

...and if we choose to take your case, we will commit all of our talents, efforts, and resources to you.

We are on your side.

We will work for you and fight for you and relentlessly defend you until your problem is solved.

What We Do

Criminal Defense

We represent people and companies charged in City, State, and Federal Court. Our experience includes cases from traffic court to murder to complex conspiracies. Whatever you are charged with, we can defend you.

Professional Representation

To a professional, their license is more than a means to a job. It is very much a part of them. If you are faced with issues regarding your license, we will defend you.

Malpractice and Personal Injury

We've successfully represented clients in the following areas of law: automobile accidents, misdiagnosis, nursing home abuse and neglect, privacy violations, workplace accidents, and wrongful death.

Small Business/Personal Representation

Good lawyering means more than skillful maneuvering in a courtroom. In fact, in the business world it often means helping to avoid business disputes altogether.

Jay Milano, for the 23rd straight year, has been recognized by a peer review of lawyers and judges as among the best lawyers in Cleveland, Ohio in each of these three practice areas: Criminal Defense, Medical Malpractice, and Personal Injury.

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